Who are Junk Recyclers?

Junk Recyclers, LLC was established in 2011 and is locally owned and operated by Jeremy Blomberg. Jeremy is a born and raised Rochester resident and John Marshal graduate. He remains active in the community with hockey, softball, and volleyball.

Junk Recyclers, LLC is a fully insured business that operates in Rochester, MN and surrounding communities. We strive to provide friendly, affordable, professional, and green removal service for both residential and commercial properties. We want to make your experience as simple, affordable, and “green” as possible.

We are a believer in extending the life of anything we can by actively donating items to Salvation Army, Savers, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity.

Our extended service days and hours will fit any of our customer’s needs.
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Environmental Responsibility

We believe that working together we can make a difference in our environment. We do whatever we can do to recycle, reuse, and donate the items that we pick up. We strive to be eco-friendly by minimizing the amount of waste we bring to the landfill.
environmental responsibility
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